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A website that had been built on WordPress a few years back looked old and dated. Much of the information on the page was rarely updated so it had to be made static to improve loading time. My client needed a new design for the website. The main requirement was to revamp the entire website and also add a few extra pages that were not available on the original site. On top of that, he wanted a site that loaded as fast as possible since the other website was extremely slow.
Original Site
Original Website
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Vue.js, Astro, Tailwind
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Initially, I wanted to create a single page application but I did not like the fact that there would be a lot of unused Javascript ending up on users' browsers. So I decided to use Astro as a static site builder since it comes loaded with built in support for partial hydration. The small portions of the website that needed to be reactive like the main carousel and mobile menu; I implemented those using Vue. The result, a new website with a score of 99% on mobile and 100% on Desktop.
Total Health Advocacy Foundation Homepage
Total Health Advocacy Foundation Homepage
Thaf Kenya Homepage Mobile Insight
Performance on mobile devices
Thaf Kenya Homepage Desktop Insight
Performance on Desktop Devices